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When it comes right down to it, the length of time that your car actually lasts comes down to a few simple things: which car you choose and how well you take care of it. Unfortunately, most people discount the amount of effort that it takes to keep a car in tip-top shape, which is why so many cars break down frequently. I wanted to create a new blog all about how to take care of your car, so I started up this website. Read more on this blog about how to prevent problems, ways to keep your car in top condition, and how to save money on repairs.



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Finding A Towing Company Near Your When Your Need Them

When you are driving and your car starts to act up or stops running, it is critical that you know how to find a 24-hour towing company that can come and assist you right away. There are some excellent ways to find a towing company, and if you plan ahead, you can make the process even more comfortable.

The Basics

Breakdowns happen and while no one wants to plan to break down, being prepared if it does happen is vital. Almost everyone on the road today has a cell phone with them and if you do break down, using your phone and a popular search engine to search for a 24-hour towing company is an excellent place to start.

Most phones can use your location to find businesses that are close by and fit the search parameters, so be sure to put in 24-hour towing so that you get a list of shops that are open or have tow trucks available if you are broken down after regular business hours. 

Once you get the results, you can call a few towing services to find one that can come out quickly and help you get your car going or tow you to a shop for repairs. In some cases, the towing company will be from a repair shop that can fix the vehicle for you, but they may not be open, so be sure to ask if there is a hotel nearby that you can check in to for the night. The tow operator will most likely know because you are most likely not the first person that they have towed off the highway.

Roadside Assistance Clubs

If you spend a lot of time on the road, you may want to consider joining a roadside assistance club that offers towing and other services as part of their benefits. These services often have a customer service line that you can call to get help if you have a breakdown and need some help. 

The service also typically has a list of 24-hour towing companies available and can even call the towing company for you. The towing companies they use are often members of their network, so if you have a towing benefit, you may not have to pay for the tow, or if the tow is more than a few miles, you may need to pay a discounted rate.

When you call the customer service line, you will get a representative to help you, and often they will stay on the line with you until the towing company arrives to ensure you are safe while you wait. The rep may be able to find you other discounted services like a hotel to stay in while your car is being repaired as well.

For more information about 24-hour towing services, visit a website like http://www.cctow.com/.